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Are you a start-up and not sure where to start or you have been in business so long you are certain your business system lacks functionality? Put your best foot forward with the all-inclusive Accounting Software that grows with you – Palladium.

Why Choose Palladium?

With this option you no longer need to purchase or maintain file server. Simply install Palladium on your Windows Desktop or Windows Tablet, connect to the database using your secure credentials and start processing from wherever you are in the world.

Palladium makes use of on-demand database connections allowing it to run seamlessly in the most challenging of environments, supporting the simplest stand-alone system, to the local area network environment with full support for wireless networking technologies, through to the wide-area (remote access) solution. Embedded VPN functionality facilitates wide area connectivity across multiple servers or simply for a user to work from home without the need to purchase other 3rd-party software or services.

The extensive multi-currency feature spans the entire spectrum from AR, AP, Bank Accounts and even GL Journals. Rates are maintained on a daily basis with a minimum and maximum tolerable variance that is designed to eliminate any possible user errors. You can also set your exchange rates to automatically update from the web, alleviating the need to do it manually.

Palladium was designed to optimise the latest features in Microsoft’s SQL Server database with full data authentication and roll backs to guarantee data integrity. This rock-solid stability means that your business always maintains maximum up time. No data corruption means no downtime resulting in no additional consulting costs, no lost staff productivity and no stock loss or duplicate costs from switching to and from manual systems.

Dedicated Sales and WMS mobile applications improve efficiency for employees that are not desk-bound like salespersons and warehouse staff. Mobile Sales and Mobile WMS connect to your Palladium database to allow these employees to generate and process documents with live data.

Palladium offers complete real-time, or “Anytime Reporting. This means that you can run reports at any date in history. These include AR and AP Aging Reports, Inventory Aging Or Valuation Reports as well as full Financial Reports for any range of dates, past or present.

Business Solutions To
Boost your Success

Ask yourself this; does your business conform to what the system can do or can the system conform to your business requirements? Here’s what you can do with Palladium Business Solutions;

Palladium ERP Accounting Software offers a range of feature-rich Accounting Solutions to suit all types of organisations. Software features are developed on 3 core business success values of increasing turnover, optimising margins and improving operational efficiency. Unsurpassed stability takes away the business risk associated with data corruptions experienced with other software.

Access your payroll securely from any browser on any device. Palladium Payroll offers businesses of any size easy-to-use and yet powerful software at a fraction of the cost.

Palladium People is a focused recruitment division of Palladium Business Solutions. Specialising in the fields of IT, Finance and Engineering. At Palladium People we continually grow our pool of skilled professionals through proactive research and by establishing relationships with top talent.

Our Team

Made up of the brightest, experienced minds. We would like to meet and hear from you – how can we help your business reach its goals?  

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We had constant data corruption - the integrity of our data was compromised. Coupled with high support fees we knew we had to change. 


Finance Manager


Annually I received an ever increasing license fee. It came down to weighing the performance of the software against cost. It was not worth it.


Director/ Finance

Black Bird

Our business is really high paced - one unsent quotation/invoice can put us out of business. We needed remote access and more business tools - Palladium provided and we are happy.